Full Structural Model – Advanced Results – Design Optimization

Extreme Loading® for Structures Software (ELS) a nonlinear dynamic structural analysis tool, gives users the ideal virtual environment to accelerate the research performed on shake tables, opening the door to substantial design improvements, and moving shake tables to validation, post optimization. While physical shake table experiments are scaled down and typically do not allow for structures to collapse due to safety reasons, an ELS virtual shake table can follow the behavior of a full size model from small local failures to large failures, without user intervention. Applied loads are virtually unlimited and may be sequenced in a multi-hazard approach to simulate events such as repeated earthquakes, fire loading, blast loading, and even the evaluation of retrofitting techniques.

Virtual Shake Table - Nonlinear Eigen Modes

Nonlinear Eigen Modes – Track Eigen Modes along with damage in 3D as it occurs

Virtual Shake Table - Time History

Time History – Analyze model against seismic ground acceleration in X, Y, & Z directions

Virtual Shake Table - Multi-Hazard Analysis

Multi-Hazard Analysis – Staged loading allows you to simulate repeated events, both before and after strengthening of damaged components.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

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