Going to the US Army Corps Infrastructure Systems Conference in Atlanta, GA? Visit ASI at Booth #306 to learn how you can save time & money throughout the structural performance lifecycle with ASI’s practical solutions from design-to-demolition.

Structural Performance Lifecycle – Design Through Demolition
At ASI, we are focused on the development of practical solutions that does not simplify the analysis, rather simplifies the process for practicing engineers to implement and provide not only cost savings, but design solutions that better ensures the safety of the structure and its occupants.

Make better decisions throughout the structural lifecycle by more accurately analyzing and visualizing structural health from design thorough demolition.

Design Safer & Greener by Considering the Entire Structural System
ASI’s Extreme Loading® for Structures Software (ELS) is an Advanced Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis designed with the practicing structural engineer in mind.

  • Easily model and analyze columns, slabs, girders, reinforcement, & connections.
  • Import all structural components and reinforcement from Revit® Structure (BIM)
  • No re-meshing required for connectivity between members or components.
  • Nonlinear dynamic solver automatically considers hard to model phenomena such as crack propagation & separation of elements.
  • Create internal force diagrams, Eigen modes, contour diagrams, and charts.

Read the performance based design white paper, UFC Progressive Collapse: Material Cost Savings, that shows how you can save 20-30% in the weight of the structural system using ELS.



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