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Numerical Collapse Analysis of Tsuyagawa Bridge Damaged by Tohoku Tsunami

n March 2011, the Tohoku tsunami swept over the east coast of Japan killing more than 15,000 people and missing more than 2,500 people. The tsunami resulted in collapsing of more than 400,000 buildings and washing away of more than 250 coastal bridges. In this study, the collapse of Tsuyagawa bridge damaged by the Tohoku […]

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Design and Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Columns in Uplift due to Internal Building Detonations

urrent research with respect to the protection of civilian infrastructure against complex blast loading conditions is primarily focused towards the effect of external explosive sources. As a consequence, the general literature on internal building detonations and specifically in the context of protective design and assessment of structures against these loading conditions is incomplete. Existing guidelines […]

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