SteelSmart® System (SSS) - Cold Formed Steel Design Software

The #1 Cold Formed Steel Design Software on the market. Engineers and contractors have been relying on our software to design Light Steel Framing for almost 20 years. Whether you’re looking for the correct size of metal stud, or designing an entire curtain wall, SteelSmart System is the ideal software.

Dive into the latest advancements in cold-formed steel framing design with SteelSmart System 8.5! Developed exclusively for The Steel Network, Inc., this innovative software is packed with new features like the Project concept, enhanced GUI navigation, updated user guides, and much more. Whether you’re a current subscriber or new to SteelSmart, our latest video will guide you through all the groundbreaking updates. Don’t miss out on optimizing your design and detailing process.

Available as a complete suite, SteelSmart® System Software will streamline production through the design and detailing of members, connections, and fasteners.

Software Modules

CFS Curtain Wall Design

Curtain Wall Design

CFS Roof Truss Design

Roof Truss Design

CFS Loadbearing Wall Design

Loadbearing Wall Design

CFS Roof Rafter Design

Roof Rafter Design

CFS Shear Wall Design

Strap Braced Shear Wall Design

CFS Moment Resisting Short Wall Design

Moment Resisting Short Wall Design

CFS Floor Framing Design

Floor Framing Design

SSS Version 8 - Cold-formed Steel Design Software

Advanced Subscribers Get These Additional Tools


Load Generator and Distributor

Load Generator and Distributor

Layout & Details Drawing Generator

Layout & Details Drawing Generator

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