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ASI provides a variety of Structural Engineering Services, including: advanced structural analysis, advanced structural simulation consulting services, demolition consulting, industrial demolition services, and more.

ASI relies on the experience of its team of highly qualified engineers, scientists, and software developers to provide its clients with advanced structural analysis and simulation consultation services. ASI can perform both linear and non-linear, static and dynamic analysis of structures undergoing either natural or man-made extreme loading events. ASI’s takes a performance based design approach, whether is is for the design and protection of structures against extreme loads or it is for the design of safe demolitions, it is ASI’s goal to ensure a safe and efficient result for clients.

With ASI’s proprietary Extreme Loading Technology and industry structural engineering tools, ASI’s clients are able to see and experience the results of their decisions in full 3D quickly and efficiently during the design process.

Extreme Loading® Technology

ELT is designed around the Applied Element Method (AEM) of analysis which is capable of performing linear and non-linear analysis that follows the behavior of structures through separation, collision, and collapse while automatically calculating:


  • Yielding of Reinforcement
  • Plastic Hinge Formation
  • Buckling & Post-buckling
  • Crack Propagation
  • Membrane Action & P-Delta
  • Separation of Elements
  • Collision and Collapse
Since AEM can automatically detect the initiation of cracks, track their progression throughout the structure, and simulate actual element separation, collision and final collapse, it removes a large amount of human error. This produces a truer analysis of structural behavior than more manual methods of structural analysis.

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