Are you a contractor searching for ways to save time and money? Or do you perhaps seek help in easing the stresses of estimating and project optimization while maintaining accuracy? Look no further.

Help is here!

SteelSmart® System is breaking the stereotype that cold-formed steel structural design software is solely for the engineers’ benefit. Contractors have repeatedly discovered that this program provides them with the assistance and tools they need to accurately and swiftly get the job done.

There are three contractor obligations where SteelSmart® System has proven to be most valuable: estimating, the submittal and shop drawing process, and where there is opportunity to optimize the cold-formedframing components. Let’s identify each of these areas, and better understand how structural design software can help the contractor maintain accuracy while also saving time and money.



Project estimators are under a tremendous amount of pressure to be accountable and successful; therefore, the estimating process should never be rushed. A single miscalculation by the project estimator for materials, labor, and/or time can potentially jeopardize the entire bottom line. Yet, the estimator must also calculate the best price for the best work with expectations to win the bid. No one will dispute that estimating is an extremely tedious and time-consuming process, but it is a process that can be simplified.

SteelSmart® System is the most powerful light steel framing engineering software on the market, but don’t let that intimidate you. The program is extremely user-friendly and allows contractors an exceptional opportunity to strategically stay in front of their competition. By using SteelSmart® System, you can now effortlessly identify opportunities for material and labor savings during the bidding process. Plus, once a project is modeled in SteelSmart® System the reporting output will include all components that will be required for each wall, floor, roof, truss, shear wall, and/or knee wall framing. Say good-bye to all the countless man-hours you typically spend hovering over plans to make assumptions as you size up the cold-formed steel framing materials.



Design assist is an invaluable resource that provides a thorough look at the cold-formed steel project for optimization.  In this situation, the contractor has a unique opportunity to collaborate with a contracted Engineer or The Steel Network (TSN) in an effort to evaluate the best way to complete the cold-formed steel framing construction faster, lighter, and more skillfully.

SteelSmart® System alone further gives contractors a chance to work together with the project designers to optimize the structure.  Since all parties can use the program to collectively explore concepts, products, and methods this type of teamwork often results in a project that is built quicker, and more efficiently.

SteelSmart® System delivers the perfect solution for project optimization; it is the most comprehensive comparison cold-formed steel design software in the industry. The program can generate a quick alternative design for light steel framing connections, load-bearing walls, shearwalls, short walls, and openings. Additionally, SteelSmart®System exports CAD files for the designed components, and provides clarification on how the entire steel structure will work together. By using SteelSmart®System for design assist and project optimization you now have the upper hand to improve product selection and installation accuracy, while also saving time and money in labor and materials.



A drywall contractor’s submittal package will typically include a set of engineered drawings (shop drawings) that solely concentrate on the light steel framing design. In order to produce a complete set of shop drawings, the specialty engineer, hired by the drywall contractor, will meticulously design each individual component for the cold-formed steel framing. This process allows the drywall contractor to submit a full design of all the light steel framing members, connectors, and fasteners they intend to use to comply with the project’s specifications.

SteelSmart® System is all-inclusive, and has been helping engineers protect liability for over 20 years. Chances are the specialty engineer you just hired to complete your light steel framing design is already familiar with, and using, SteelSmart® System. This now streamlines the entire shop drawing process, allowing you export detail drawings of your design, saving time and money while also maintaining accuracy.

However, the program is not only beneficial to the shop drawing engineer when it comes to the submittal process. SteelSmart® System delivers a high level of technical assistance, allowing you to submit calculations for any preferred product selection and project optimization. You will also appreciate that SteelSmart® System offers a complete picture of the project, providing you with an opportunity to catch specifics that the engineer may have possibly overlooked.



There is a reason why after two decades SteelSmart® System is still known as the best cold-formed steel design software in the industry. It offers unparalleled solutions for light steel framing project optimization, and relieves many of the time constraints and stresses associated with estimating and shop drawing submittals.

Contractors all over the country are using SteelSmart® System to maintain accuracy while saving time and money. This light steel framing program is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a way to embrace the latest technology and gain an edge over their competition. When you choose SteelSmart® System, you will be able to better identify opportunities for labor and material savings, and easily eliminate mistakes that jeopardize accuracy. These critical factors are not only essential to securing your bottom line; more importantly, SteelSmart® System secures your reputation.


Kristy for blog author Authored by: Kristy Andrews
Kristy is an ECU Communications Major & a Technical Marketing Coordinator at The Steel Network. Kristy has been employed with TSN for almost 19 years, and has supported SteelSmart® System during much of her time with the company.

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