The basic theory of the applied element method is described in this article, and some modeling techniques for applying this analysis method to the simulation of the progressive collapse of reinforced concrete tall buildings are suggested. Separation strain, which is considered to have potential for use in realistic representation of the collapse of structures, was parametrically investigated in this study, and the appropriate value for the separation strain for use in the analysis of the progressive collapse of reinforced concrete buildings is proposed. The progressive collapse of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in response to a bombing was analyzed by applying the suggested modeling techniques. Two alternatives for modification of the structural design of the building were developed, and the expected responses of the building with the suggested modifications were analyzed and compared with the response of the actual building to the bombing. The analysis method proposed in this article can be used to visualize the progressive collapse of tall buildings and can be effectively applied to the design of progressive-collapse-resistant structural systems for tall buildings.

Kim, Han-Soo, Wee, Hae-Hwan (2016) Separation Strain for Progressive Collapse Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Building Using Applied Element Method, Advances in Structural Engineering, March 2016, Vol 19, No 3, 437-448.