Seismic Analysis

ASI has the ability to perform full 3D time-history based seismic retrofit engineering and analysis using its Applied Element Method (AEM) based Extreme Loading® Technology.

In cases of extended structures, such as long bridges, the effects of sundry input excitations at different piers can be easily considered. Effects of an earthquake on utilities attached to structures such as power, gas and water lines can be studied by applying floor displacement as input excitation to such pipelines. Effects of earthquakes on furniture inside buildings, hanging and suspended objects, stacked barrels, and so forth can also be studied. Furthermore, unique material behavior or special dampers can be taken into consideration as well.

Seismic Analysis Services Include:

  • Creating a 3D model for the “as-designed” structure based on the available design drawings.
  • Performing nonlinear static and dynamic analyses of the structure under the effect of the required cases of loading including seismic and wind loading.
  • Comparing the behavior of the “as-designed” structure with the “as-built” structure.
  • Checking stresses in all structural components.
  • Making recommendations for retrofit to prevent progressive collapse due to seismic activity.
Pyne Gould Building Seismic Analysis
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