This paper investigates the effect of time variant coupled uplift forces and lateral blast pressures on the vulnerability of reinforced concrete columns when subjected to internal explosions using Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS).


Detailed examination of archive events have demonstrated that confined blast can induce significant uplift forces on concrete columns carrying predominantly compression loads. These uplift forces substantially deteriorate the strength of concrete columns leading to destabilization and a critical loss of structural adequacy. This research employs the Applied Element Method together with high resolution CFD simulations to model column response under complex vented and contained internal blast environments. Results from a comprehensive number of parametric studies highlighted the important effect of uplift forces and blast wave confinement with regard to the column’s overall vulnerability to internal explosions. This research will be of direct importance to both practitioners and researchers involved with protective design of buildings.

Wijesundara Mudalige, Gayan and Clubley, Simon K. (2014) Numerical modelling of reinforced concrete columns subject to coupled uplift and shear forces induced by internal explosions. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering.


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