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Practical Engineering Tools – Performance Based Results

For Structural Engineers, it truly is What’s on the Inside that Counts! Ensuring that the internal components of the structure is sufficient meet requirements for building code, occupancy, risk, architecture, cost, and schedule.  Likewise, ASI is focused on what’s inside while designing performance based structural engineering tools that make designing safe and efficient structures easier.  Giving you the ability to make more informed decisions.

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SteelSmart® System

  • Complete component based cold-formed steel design for members, connectors and bridging
  • Automates the development of wind, seismic and snow loads
  • Automatically generates component detail drawings

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Extreme Loading® for Structures

  • Fully Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis
  • Easily model columns, slabs, girders, masonry, composites, prestressing, reinforcement and connections
  • Ideal for progressive collapse, blast, seismic and wind loading

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