Impact Analysis

The threat of objects colliding with and damaging structures, whether intentionally or accidentally is of genuine concern.  Vehicular collisions with buildings or bridges occur mainly in urban areas and are due to single vehicles unintentionally leaving the roadway.  Aircraft impact is another credible threat for certain key facilities, especially if these structures lie within 10 km (6 mi) of an airport.  Impacts of barges or flood debris with bridges or bridge supports are also not uncommon events.

Considering these factors, the necessity of analyzing the impact of a moving object and its effect on a structure has become an increasingly necessary task.  Traditionally, this has been one of the most challenging structural analysis problems.  Yet, with its Applied Element Method (AEM) based Extreme Loading® Technology, ASI has the capability to reliably estimate forces due to vehicular collision (involving planes, trains, barges, trucks, and so forth). The analysis automatically shows the local and global effects of impact on the structure.

Impact Analysis Services Include:

  • Modeling and simulation of structural and non-structural component behavior due to impact scenarios provided by the client.
  • Assessment of debris and/or glass fragment velocity and dispersion.
  • Assessment of structural vulnerability to impact loads.
  • Determination of risk zones and stand-off distances.
  • Recommendations for redesigning a structure both to resist given impact loads and prevent the progressive collapse of the structure.

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