Fábio Bruno Construções took a quantum leap over other companies using a simulated implosion before the fall of the buildings known as Skeleton Man, in Santa Cruz.

For the first time in Brazil a simulation of the implosion was used in partnership with the American company ASI (Applied Science International, LLC). With a simulation, Fabio Bruno could predict the possible risks, ensuring the technical quality of the buildings in the fall, limiting the problems of vibration, release of debris and ensuring the safety of surrounding areas.

The theory was confirmed by the survey conducted after the implosion in all buildings within a radius of 50 meters, proving that the simulation met all expectations. For the implosion held on day 01 of December 2009, engineers and technicians Fabio Bruno started working on site preparation, on 17 November with the drilling of the blocks, protection against ultra-release and installation of 100 pounds of dynamite to bring down the buildings.

The buildings, both with 9 floors, located at Rua Alvaro Alberto, had structural damage that put the buildings at risk and were condemned for more than a year by Civil Defense.

Fábio Bruno: salto de qualidade em implosão



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