Progressive collapse indicates the partial or total collapse of structures caused by the local damage of structural members arising from an abnormal load. To induce ideal collapse behavior, the progressive collapse is applied to most explosive demolition design for structures. To apply this progressive collapse phenomenon to the explosive demolition of structures, studies on progressive collapse resisting capacity depending on load redistribution are required. In this study, the progressive collapse analysis of a 10-story RC frame structure was performed by the applied element method for various 1st column removal cases. For each case, the progressive collapse resisting capacity of columns, girder, and slabs was evaluated by the increase rates of the vertical internal force in columns, the normal stress of reinforcing bars in girder, and the tensile stress of slab, respectively.

Park Hoon – Member. Adjunct professor, Department of Resources and Energy Engineering, Chonbuk National University, Chul-Gi Suk – CEO, Korea Kacoh Co.,Ltd., J. Korean Soc. Hazard Mitig. Vol. 13, No. 6 (Dec. 2013), pp. 067~074 ISSN 1738-2424(Print), ISSN 2287-6723(Online).


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