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As construction methods and materials have grown increasingly complex over the years, so has the need for new and more accurate methods of engineering and designing the demolition of such structures.  Utilizing its advanced 3-D Nonlinear Dynamic Structural Analysis Tools, ASI Engineers can simulate and optimize controlled collapse and implosion plans before the demolition.

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Utilizing ASI’s unique 3-D Nonlinear Dynamic Structural Analysis Tools based on a new method of structural analysis originally developed at the University of Tokyo, ASI Engineers can simulate and optimize manual deconstruction, controlled collapse and implosion plans in the demolition design phase, before the actual demolition.

Demolition Company | Applied Science International | Demolition Awards for Explosive Demolition 2013With extensive expertise in the design and structural analysis of demolition for buildings, bridges, industrial facilities, sports arenas, and many other complex structures. ASI has designed and analyzed more than 30 controlled collapse demolitions and implosions around the world, with a 100% accurate track record. In addition, four projects that ASI was involved in won the World Demolition Award for Explosive Demolitions in 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2016.

ASI’s demolition sequence design will assist you in working out all of the details of your demolition plan out virtually, before placing people or property in harms way. ASI’s engineers will model your complete structure in 3-D, with all its structural details including columns, girders, slabs, masonry, service/transfer floors, detailed reinforcement, pre & post-tensioned tendons, cables, and vessels. They will also include material properties, structural damage, and shoring based on the current condition of the structure. Then evaluate a variety of demolition scenarios and visualize outcomes including direction of collapse and debris spread of the structure to ensure they meet project requirements and leads to the safest outcome.

Study the effects of:

  • Weakening & Strengthening: Evaluate different types weakening cuts, complete removal or addition of structural elements, and the sequence & locations of such structural modifications.
  • Controlled or Induced Collapse Demolition:
    • Implosion: Evaluate different scenarios of timing & locations for explosive charges.
    • Pulling by Cable: Evaluate different scenario of cable strength, cable location & pulling direction, and required pulling force.
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Demolition Planning Services:

  • Pre-Bid Proof of Concept: ASI will work with your team to provide a proof of concept for your demolition to utilize during the bidding process with your client.
  • Demolition Design: ASI will work with your team to design a safe and efficient demolition based on your project requirements.  Multiple demolition plans can be safely and efficiently evaluated virtually without expending resources on the job-site that might result in loss of life or property.
  • Demolition Analysis: Given the actual demolition plan, ASI can provide an accurate analysis of the proposed plan.  If the proposed demolition plan indicates the possibility of a mishap or hazard, ASI can suggest alternative scenarios or modifications to the planned approach.  ASI can also provide engaging visuals early on in the bidding process for encouraging plan approval or for display in public forums.
  • Weakening Analysis: Provided with a weakening plan, ASI can model and analyse the effects of the proposed weakening on the structure.  This can also include a wind and/or seismic analysis if the structure resides in a high wind or seismic area to ensure that the structure does not fail prematurely.
  • Seismic Ground Vibration Analysis: Propagation of seismic waves created by structural debris in the soil can be studied to determine the potential negative effects of the demolition on neighboring structures and underground infrastructure such as gas pipelines or subways.
  • Dust Analysis: Dust generated by demolition is a challenging environmental hazard and common nuisance to the local community. This is especially the case for controlled collapse demolitions that can produce a large amount of particulate all at once.  ASI can estimate the size, speed, and direction of dust generated by controlled collapse demolitions so you can reduce environmental impacts.
  • Noise Modeling: Noise generated on demolition job-sites is a common discussion between demolition contractors, property owners, and the local community. To ensure public safety and address concerns of extreme noise, ASI Engineers can provide estimates for sound intensity in dB due to the explosive process at the different diameters from the demolition site.

Post-Demolition Services:

  • Comparative Analysis: A comparison of the actual demolition with the predicted outcome of the demolition plan can also be generated. ASI can combine both the predictive simulation and the actual demolition videos as a side-by-side reference for further analysis or marketing purposes.
  • Forensic Analysis: Should your demolition not go as planned and fail, partially collapse, fail in the wrong direction, ASI can perform a forensic analysis of the demolition. If the structure has not fallen, ASI can provide assistance in determining next steps to safely complete the demolition.
Controlled Collapse & Implosion Analysis

Exclusive Demolition Analysis Program:

ASI is currently partnering with demolition contractors and demolition consultants around the world to provide demolition analysis services. For more information about the Exclusive Demolition Analysis Program visit the Demolition Analysis Website.

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Demolition Analysis Website

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