Applied Science International, LLC.

When it comes to structural design and analysis, ASI’s team of veteran engineers and scientists provides a collective wealth of over 200 years of hands-on experience in engineering research, analysis, and design. Our proprietary Extreme Loading® Technology (ELT) provides superior 3D analysis and visuals to current practices which typically rely on hand calculations, simplified analysis, or artistic renditions of the suspected causes of failure.

Since 2004, ASI has been providing revolutionary insight into the behavior of structures in two core areas, the study of structures under extreme loads with its advanced Extreme Loading® Technology and cold formed steel design with its unique SteelSmart® Technology (SST). Our highly talented team of over 75 engineers and scientists at our headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, USA and division office in Cairo, Egypt we provide clients with unique software solutions, support, and advanced analysis.

At ASI, we provide innovative solutions that increase clarity and facilitate the resolution of challenges regarding structural design, defects, failures, and accidents. When working on a project, we like to have the client involved at all stages. This allows them to see results throughout the investigative process. Results from ELT analysis can effectively display and communicate technical events through video of the scenario to both technical and non-technical audiences.


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