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CFS Design Services Offered
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Cold-Formed Steel Design

ASI offers a wide range of structural engineering design services and software for cold-formed steel framing, from blast analysis to Progressive Collapse Analysis.

Architects, engineers, general contractors, and framing contractors obtain greater insight into their projects with steel framing design services. ASI employs the industry’s most knowledgeable, trusted team of CFS design experts to support Shop Drawing, ATFP Design for Blast & Progressive Collapse, and BIM projects.

Cold Formed Steel Design Services:

  • Engineered Shop DrawingsCold Formed Steel Design Software - Screenshots
  • Structural Calculation Package
  • BIM Modelling
  • Material Take-Offs
  • Plan Layouts
  • Panel Drawings
  • Performance Based Design
  • Progressive Collapse Analysis
  • Blast Analysis

SteelSmart® Technology (SST)

SST was developed by ASI exclusively for The Steel Network, Inc. to provide cold-formed steel construction professionals with powerful tools to aid in the design, estimation, and construction of steel-framed projects. SteelSmart® System (SSS) software enables the user to optimize the design of light steel framing and connections, thereby creating the potential for significant savings.

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