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Irregular Steel Building Structures Subjected to Blast Loading

n seismic design, structural irregularity has been found to have a significant influence on structural response. The impact of structural irregularity on the global response of steel frame structures subjected to blast loading has not been examined. In the paper, six seismically designed steel framed structures are considered: moment resisting frames (MRF), concentrically braced frames […]

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Collapse Prevention Design Criteria for Moment Connections in Multi-Story Steel Frames Under Extreme Actions

he paper investigates the role of beam-to-column connections in mitigation the progressive collapse of multi-story steel frame buildings in case of column loss. On this purpose, a set of moment frames with different beam-to-column connections is designed following seismic design criteria for highly dissipative structures to resist seismic actions. Applied Element Method through nonlinear dynamic […]

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