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The Influence of Structural Arrangement on Long-duration Blast Response of Annealed Glazing

his paper investigates the influence of structural arrangement on long-duration blast loaded annealed glazing via variable thickness, area, aspect ratio and edge support conditions. Initially, the findings of eighteen full-scale air-blast trials employing 33 annealed glazing panels are reported where it is demonstrated that fracture mode and fragmentation are a strong function of edge supports. […]

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Numerical Collapse Analysis of Tsuyagawa Bridge Damaged by Tohoku Tsunami

n March 2011, the Tohoku tsunami swept over the east coast of Japan killing more than 15,000 people and missing more than 2,500 people. The tsunami resulted in collapsing of more than 400,000 buildings and washing away of more than 250 coastal bridges. In this study, the collapse of Tsuyagawa bridge damaged by the Tohoku […]

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Experimental Testing and Numerical Analysis of 3D Steel Frame System Under Column Loss

ultistory steel frames are expected to provide resistance to progressive collapse following local damage or failure caused by extreme loading events. Features like ductility and continuity provide more deformation capacity and redistribution of loads so that the structure can bridge over damaged elements. Special measures should be taken to ensure that the connections can withstand the extreme loading […]

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Irregular Steel Building Structures Subjected to Blast Loading

n seismic design, structural irregularity has been found to have a significant influence on structural response. The impact of structural irregularity on the global response of steel frame structures subjected to blast loading has not been examined. In the paper, six seismically designed steel framed structures are considered: moment resisting frames (MRF), concentrically braced frames […]

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