This paper regarding the use of Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) to study progressive collapse was recently published in the proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering held this summer in London, UK.  The authors study the effects of infill walls in progressive collapse cases in which they found exterior infill walls to support extra gravity loads after vertical element removal.  The study highlights the importance of studying structural and non-structural components typically ignored in progressive collapse design.

Abstract: The present paper proposes modern approaches, nonlinear static and dynamic analysis procedures based on the Applied Element Method, to assess a progressive collapse problem of a RC frame structure with infill walls. Comparisons between the results of modeling alternatives for a 6-story building: bare frames, exterior frames with infill full walls, openings or with windows (casement and glass) for two different columns removal approaches (demolition and blast scenarios) were made.

M. Lupoae, C. Baciu, D. Constantin, H. Puscau: Aspects Concerning Progressive Collapse of a Reinforced Concrete Frame Structure with Infill Walls, Proceedings of the World Congress on Engineering, 2011 Vol III, WCE July 6-8, 2011, London, UK.



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