Because the behavior of a structure during a bomb attack or accidental blast is critical to the integrity of the structure and the safety of its inhabitants, understanding the failure mechanisms is what will aid in reducing casualties and protecting investments.

ASI applies a one-of-a-kind structural analysis technology to analyze and simulate the nonlinear behavior of structures during blast events. This analyzing and visualizing of the reaction of structural and nonstructural elements helps both in the design of better performing structures and in the determination of the upgrades necessary for mitigating losses.

ASI’s Applied Element Method (AEM) based Extreme Loading® Technology is the only analysis method for accurately examining the behavior of a structure during blast and the structure’s resultant failure points. By being able to analyze and predict the nonlinear and failure modes of structures, ASI’s engineers can:

  • Test the global performance of a structure and its envelope
  • Identify weaknesses and potential upgrades
  • Determine failure and casualty mechanisms

ASI’s blast analysis is based on solid engineering models that include the following:

  • Blast modeling derived from military design codes
  • Precise structural modeling that includes structural and non-structural components

Blast analysis services include:

  • Blast performance analysis
  • Advanced Applied Element analysis
  • Debris modeling
  • Structural upgrades and retrofits for blast resistance
  • Window upgrades for the reduction of blast effects
  • Structural security assessment.

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