Going to Structures Congress 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada?  Visit ASI at Booth #421 to learn how you can save time & money throughout the structural performance lifecycle with ASI’s practical solutions from design-to-demolition.

Design Mid-Rise Structures with Cold-Formed Steel
Build taller & stronger with the most comprehensive cold-formed steel design software tool SteelSmart® System and offer cost savings to your client without losing speed or quality of work.

“Using TSN’s SigmaStud® in place of concrete block provided us with a $400,000 savings in the wall assembly, and we were able to reduce foundation and floor slab requirements, resulting in an additional $500,000 savings, for a total of $900,000 saved on our project.”
– Derrick Gilchrist, RGC, Inc.

Design Safer & Greener by Considering the Entire Structural System
ASI’s Extreme Loading® for Structures Software (ELS) is an Advanced Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis designed with the practicing structural engineer in mind.

  • Easily model and analyze columns, slabs, girders, reinforcement, & connections.
  • Import all structural components and reinforcement from Revit® Structure (BIM)
  • No re-meshing required for connectivity between members or components.
  • Nonlinear dynamic solver automatically considers hard to model phenomena such as crack propagation & separation of elements.
  • Create internal force diagrams, Eigen modes, contour diagrams, and charts.

Read the performance based design white paper, UFC Progressive Collapse: Material Cost Savings, that shows how you can save 20-30% in the weight of the structural system using ELS.



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