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Wind Analysis

Using its Applied Element Method (AEM) based structural analysis tools called Extreme Loading® Technology; ASI can accurately assess the vulnerability of an existing structure subjected to extreme wind loads. Additionally, ASI can propose and model retrofit schemes for the structure, comparing the behavior of the structure before and after retrofit. This assessment can be done for both structural and non-structural components.

ASI's analysis will answer the following questions: 

  • Will the structure collapse due to an extreme wind event?
  • What is the severity of the collapse; is it local or global?
  • What is the collapse mode?
  • Will surrounding structures be affected?
  • What changes can be made to limit the spread of the failure and mitigate progressive collapse?

Wind Analysis Services Include:

  • Testing structural elements and their effect on the overall integrity of the structure during a critical failure.
  • Determining the change in internal forces resulting from the loss of structural elements.
  • Analyzing structural behavior in a 3D environment.
  • Highlighting global effects including catenary actions, collision and impact of flying debris, and collapse modes.
  • Simulating the collapse in 3D showing the behavior of each element in the structure.

Car Shade Collapse Due to High Wind

Problem - Under high wind conditions, a newly designed car shade structural failed catastrophically. The manufacturer of the car shade, who had installed the product at several other locations requested ASI expertise in the forensic investigation of the incident and subsequent design optimization car shade.

Analysis - ASI used created a three-dimensional model for the car-shed taking all construction details and material properties into consideration. ASI engineers performed nonlinear dynamic analysis of the structure under the effects of the wind loading.

Solution - Based on the 3D analysis, ASI showed the sequence of failure for the specified wind load case. ASI engineers provided recommendations to improve the design and prevent future failure.

Car Shade Collapse Due to High Wind