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Product Development

ASI will work with your company to develop new and innovative structural systems. Utilizing its Applied Element Method (AEM) based Extreme Loading® Technology, ASI engineers can perform nonlinear dynamic structural analysis for the system under the effects of all expected loads in order to optimize the product design. Additionally, we can test the product specifications against the requirements of all relevant codes, such as newly released progressive collapse codes.

TSN's Buckle Bridge Product Development

ASI assisted in the development of The Steel Network's (TSN) BuckleBridge®.  TSN tasked ASI with performing analysis of several modifications to their original BuckleBridge® design in the hopes of increasing the capacity of their bridging system.  ASI was able to help TSN increase the capacity of their bridging system by more than 25 percent.

BuckleBridge® provides a solid wall stud bridging system to resist weak axis buckling and torsional rotation of members. Elongated tabs in one end of the BuckleBridge® lock into a slot at the other end (through the stud knockout). Two vertical flaps at each end contain pre-drilled holes to facilitate the attachment to the stud.  BuckleBridge® is used with 16" o.c. member spacing.

BuckleBridge® Value:

  • Fast Installation
  • Tabs lock into slots for continuous system
  • No threading channels through knockouts
  • No welding
  • Meets SISI bridging stiffness requirements
  • Guide holes for accurate placement of fasteners to stud
  • Fits in SigmaStud and SSMA standard wall sections, 6" and greater web depths.

The Steel Network, Inc. - BuckleBridge®

TSN's Buckle Bridge Product Development