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Historic Structure Rehabilitation

Ensuring the preservation of historic structures is considerably more difficult than dealing with recently erected structures.  This is due to a lack of information relevant to the designs of the original engineers and architects.  However, by employing today’s technology, an analysis of these structures can provide priceless insights for those responsible for the protection of these great monuments.
Utilizing its Applied Element Method (AEM) based Extreme Loading® Technology, ASI provides clients with an initial analysis and simulation of the structure under a variety of loading types.  Based on the information generated, ASI will make recommendations for strengthening and retrofitting.  If required, ASI will also perform an additional analysis and simulation of the structure with the final retrofitting included.

Ramses Statue Transportation

The 3000-year-old statue of Ramses II was discovered in 1820. In 1955, the statue was assembled and erected on a 3-meter pedestal at the edge of a fountain in Ramses Square, downtown Cairo. Over time the structural stability of the statue deteriorated due to its exposure to pollution and its subjection to vibrations created by traffic and subways. Because of this, the Egyptian government decided to relocate the statue to a safer, more dignified location, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM).  Here the statue will greet visitors at the entrance to the GEM, scheduled to open in 2010.

The transport of the statue from Ramses Square to Giza was a technological challenge. The 11-m high red granite statue weighs approximately 83 tons and needs to be transported in one piece without causing any further damage to the priceless monument. In early 2006, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism announced an international tender for the transportation project. The bid was awarded to the Arab Contractors Company, and ASI was tasked to make the analysis required to approve the proposed mode of transportation.

Ramses Statue Transportation