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Visual Effects (VFX)

Let’s face it demolition scenes are a difficult beast to tackle on any production.  But creating realistic demolition effects is even more difficult.  Over the years the industry has learned tricks to fake it or just get by, quick cuts, excessive motion blur, miniatures with high speed cameras and other special effects to name a few.  But why fake it when you can get the real thing without the hassle of cleaning up afterwards.

Applied Science International (ASI) leverages its proprietary SLAM FX™ Software, a derivative of ASI’s Extreme Loading® Technology to answer many of the challenges faced by Visual Effects Professionals attempting to create high quality destruction effects for the film and entertainment industry. ASI offers the following VFX Services:

Pre-visualization/Destruction VFX:
Having trouble visualizing your demolition scene?  We can quickly and easily show you multiple test scenarios, giving you and your team creative options.  But that’s just the beginning of the fun, if you like the pre-viz enough, we can enhance it and export it for your 3D team to use in the final scene.

Destruction VFX:
Our specialties include realistic material separation due to blast, impact, seismic, cracking, collapse, demolition, or other cataclysmic effects.  We’ll do the simulation giving you a 3D file of your choice with the model and baked animation.  You can take care of the rest.