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Cold Formed Steel Design

When it comes to Cold Formed Steel (CFS) design, our team of veteran engineers and scientists are powered with our proprietary SteelSmart® Technology (SST). This allows our team to optimize the design of loadbearing and non-loadbearing light gauge steel structures, the application of lateral wind/seismic loading, and export of layout and connection detailing.

ASI can also take CFS design a step further when atypical loading design requirements such as blast or progressive collapse are necessary. With our proprietary Extreme Loading® Technology (ELT), we provide superior 3D analysis and cost savings through performance based design as standard practices typically rely on hand calculations or simplified analysis. 

CFS Design Services
  • Curtain Wall Design for Blast: Complete non-loadbearing wall design for wind and seismic loads including panelization and detailed connection drawings.
  • Mid-Rise Design to Resist Progressive Collapse: Complete structural design with CFS as the main structural system. Designs can be optimized for upwards of 10-stories.
  • Value Engineering: Working with the engineer, we will evaluate existing wood, structural steel, or CMU designs to determine opportunities for savings with light gauge steel designs.
  • Architectural Consulting: Working with the Architect, we will assist them with the incorporation of light gauge steel components into their designs.
  • Panelization & Detail Drawings. Complete panelization and detail drawings including: wall layout, framing members, cross-sections, shapes, and connection detailing.
  • Peer Review: With more than 200 years combined design experience we provide peer review services to verify the suitability and efficiency of proposed building systems.
Specialty Design Services
  • Blast Analysis
  • Demolition Analysis
  • Performance Based Design
  • Progressive Collapse Analysis
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Structural BIM Services
Industries Served
  • Architect
  • Building Owner
  • Developer
  • General Contractor
  • Structural Engineer