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Advanced Structural Engineering Services

ASI relies on the experience of highly qualified engineers, scientists, and software developers to provide its clients with advanced structural analysis and simulation consultation services. ASI can perform both linear and non-linear analysis of structures undergoing either natural or man-made extreme loading events. ASI’s clients are able to see and experience the results of their decisions quickly and efficiently during the process of designing new structures or rehabilitating existing ones.

ASI’s personnel, armed with Extreme Loading® Technology, empower our clients throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East by providing the information needed to identify the effects of upgrades, retrofits and design enhancements on structural safety, economy and functionality under the effect of all expected cases of loading.

Advantages of ASI's Advanced Engineering Analysis Services:

  • Buckling and post-buckling behavior of steel structures.
  • Automatic blast and progressive collapse analysis.
  • Simulation of numerous scenarios to determine the safest design.
  • Complete collapse history of all tested types of dynamic loading.
  • Automatic Impact effects of primary and secondary debris.
  • Effects of blast, impact, seismic, and other loads on structures.
  • Effects of sudden failure of one or more structural elements.
  • Reduced analysis time compared to other advanced engineering analysis methods.
  • Consideration of large displacements.

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