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Applied Science International (ASI) – SteelSmart® Deck

SteelSmart® Deck Software  (SSD) is a powerful step forward in the evolving generation of software applications aimed at a full automation of the process of deck system design. Combining the latest in deck software technology with the versatility and strength of cold formed steel, SSD provides both homeowners and professionals alike with a simplified tool for taking their designs to the next level.

SteelSmart® Deck Software is loaded with powerful features and functions, seamlessly integrated to make deck system designing an easy, straightforward process.

  • Export CAD drawings of the deck design.
  • Save deck layouts for convenient recall.
  • Select & customize color layouts quickly and easily with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • View real-time updates in the sub-structure with each change of the deck configuration.
  • “3D-Anytime” function allows for immediate 3D views of a deck whenever a change is made.
  • Unlimited multiple levels and real-time elevation adjustments.
  • Review and print project reports during any stage of the design.
  • Create and view a materials/cut list.
  • Add or remove stairs with an intuitive stair tool.
  • Add railings, tree cut-outs, and other modifications.

SteelSmart® Deck Software is available at no charge for the layout of any deck, providing an engineered steel materials list in a user-friendly interface.

SteelSmart Deck - Easily design multilevel decksSteelSmart Deck - Automatically generate materials and cut list

SteelSmart Deck - Automatically generate deck structural designSteelSmart Deck - Intuitive design with add/remove stairs tool