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Applied Science International Foundation:

The Applied Science International Foundation (ASIF) was created to address the need for an advanced and efficient simulation technology that could be used by first responders worldwide.  The simulation technology that ASIF utilizes is the Applied Element Method (AEM) of analysis as implemented by Applied Science International’s Extreme Loading® Technology.  The benefits inherent in ASIF’s technology are threefold:

  • A highly efficient method of analysis is created that has a modeling and data input stage.
  • The stages created integrate with other leading engineering software.
  • The solver is capable of predicting crack initiation and crack propagation throughout a simulated event or series of events.

It is our considered belief that the institution and employment of this technology by the United States Fire Administration (USFA) will better educate and train first responders, allow for accurate risk assessments, mitigate damages, and safeguard lives.

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Applied Science International Foundation