Applied Science International

Applied Science International, LLC (ASI) creates tools for structural engineers, architects, and researchers for the design and analysis of increasingly sophisticated structures and the loading scenarios that beset them. ASI offers training and structural engineering support services that meet the exacting requirements of this changing world.

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ELS Interface - Casteleo

Extreme Loading for Structures

Extreme Loading® for Structures (ELS) is an advanced non-linear dynamic structural analysis software tool designed with the practicing structural engineer in mind. ELS allows structural engineers to study the 3D behavior of structures through both the continuum and discrete stages of loading.

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SteelSmart System

SteelSmart® System (SSS) provides construction professionals with an essential tool engineered for both fast and accurate design.  Available as a complete suite, SteelSmart System 7 streamlines production by designing and detailing members, connections, and fasteners.
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Practical Engineering Tools – Performance Based Results

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